Wholesale Fish Dept.
Tsukiji fish market was famous for impressive tuna auction and countless number of breathtakingly fresh, top quality fish from all over the world; it fascinated the supreme Sushi chefs, Japanese restaurants or anybody in the seafood industry every day. After 83 years at Tsukiji, famed Tokyo Central Market relocated to Toyosu in October, 2018. Having taken over Tsukiji’s history and tradition, we strive for the best in the brand new venue. As a professional market wholesaler, we purchase and offer the top quality seafood in order to support people’s dining tables.
Fresh Fish Div.
Familiar fish collected from all over Japan!
This division sells varieties of common fish familiar to Japanese households such as Horse Mackerel, Sardine, Saury, Skipjack, Squid, etc. and cultured fish such as Sea Bream, Yellowtail, Amberjack, Salmon, etc. The licensed auctioneers (sales representative) of this division sell the highest quality fish collected from fishing ports all over Japan and around the world.
Live Fish and Specialty Fish Div.
Come to Toichi for the finest high-class food!
This division handles varieties of natural and cultured live and specialty fish such as Sea Bream, Flounder, Striped Horse Mackerel, Puffer Fish, etc., shellfish such as Oyster, Clam etc., Sea Urchin, and fresh-water fish etc. The division supplies the finest fish and seafood from all over Japan and around the world, which are served at sushi restaurants, first class Japanese restaurants and so on.
Tuna Div.
The finest quality tuna from all over the world!
We handle all kinds of tuna including Pacific Bluefin tuna, Southern Bluefin tuna, Bigeye tuna and so forth, both fresh and/or frozen. We also handle good quality aquaculture tuna and sell each piece of tuna by auctions. We also handle transactions of frozen tuna on a per-boat basis as well as processed-tuna products to finely meet cusomer needs.
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